MunchEasy Services - Online Ordering, Menus and Marketing for Your Restaurant

MunchEasy Services - Online Ordering, Menus and Marketing for Your Restaurant

What do I need to Get Started?

The bare minimum that you need to start taking advantage of MunchEasy would be a fax machine and a menu. As a restaurant and a business, we're willing to bet you already have both! These basic items would allow you to start taking pickup & delivery orders online in just a few days, depending on the amount of customization you want on your online menu.

How does the System Work?

#1. The customer places their order

The beginning of any online order starts when one of your customers comes to your online menu. From there, they select the items they want and customize them based on the options you've allowed. After they have chosen how they want to get their food, delivery or pickup, they pay you based on one of the methods you have picked (cash, credit card, etc).

#2. The order is transmitted to your restaurant

Once the customer has submitted their order and payment information, the order is transmitted by fax to your restaurant. MunchEasy's sophisticated fax service delivers the order to your machine without using up any of your time on the telephone, or allowing for mistakes in the ordering process.

#3. You fill their order

Fax in hand, you prepare the customer's food as you would any other order. If it is a pickup, your job is done until the customer arrives. For delivery orders, the customer's address will appear on the fax. For your convenience, customers are prompted to include the tip in their ordering process, and it appears on the fax you receive.

Do I need an existing Web Site?

Whether you already have a website or not, MunchEasy can easily integrate with your restaurant.

If you're starting online for the first time, you can chose the look for your menu from one of our many templates or have us create an original look from scratch. The first option is faster and less costly, while the latter would give your customers a more unique experience and strengthen your brand.

Should you have an existing website & online menu, we can work with your web designer or web host to integrate our ordering system seamlessly. You don't lose your domain name ( or your design.

What are the options for Collecting Payment?

You can collect payment from your customers in a variety of ways:

  • Credit Card

    The customer's card number is sent to you along with their order, and you process it in the same fashion that you would process a phone order.
  • PayPal

    If you have a PayPal account you can have customers pay you with any of the methods PayPal supports (credit card, eCheck, etc). This has an added benefit of PayPal's security features.
  • Cash

    Cash orders can be accepted, but as they can't be verified in advance, you must assume the risk of bogus orders.

How much does MunchEasy Cost?

We offer two billing plans that you can chose from:

  • Zero-Risk
    It's truly as advertised. You only pay for the orders you receive, with no monthly payment. Your monthly bill will be 6% of all your order totals. You can even add a 6% delivery fee to cover the cost of the service.
  • Flat-Rate
    If you are expecting more volume through your online service, you can pay a flat fee of $30 per month, plus an additional $0.15 per order. This starts to become more cost effective when you surpass one or two online orders per day.

You are free to change between the two plans at the start of each billing cycle.

What Features does MunchEasy offer?

We understand that different restaurants have different needs. A pizza shop's menu has different options than a sub shop, as does a 5-star restaurant. To help fit the service to the specifics of ''your'' restaurant, we offer the following customizable settings & features:

  • The look of your menu page.
  • Take out & delivery orders.
  • Separate start & stop times for delivery & takeout.
  • Separate start & stop times for each menu (lunch, dinner, etc).
  • Delivery fees based off of distance, order cost, or flat-rate.
  • Menu items can have any number of customizations which can have their own cost.
  • Your customers can give per-item and per-order special instructions.
  • Customers can pay with
    credit cards
  • And more!

If we still don't have a feature you need, we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements to enhance our online ordering system.

How do I Pay my Bill?

Mail your payment to:

10209 Anahuac Trail
Austin, TX 78747

How do I Get Help?

If you didn't find your answer here, please contact us: