Online ordering, menus and marketing for your restaurant with MunchEasy

Online Ordering, Menus and Marketing with MunchEasy

Welcome to Online Ordering from MunchEasy

MunchEasy provides your restaurant with an easy to use, feature-rich online ordering system that allows you to boost sales and customer satisfaction.


Here's How it Works:

Select one of our two ordering plans. If you're confident your customers will order online, "Flat Rate" gives you the most competitive price. If you're just testing the waters, try "No Risk" and see if your customers are biting online.
To get your menu online we can use your existing website, or if you don't have one yet we can develop it for you.
You're up and running! When your customers order online you'll get the order by fax, keeping you free to do what you do best.



  • Customizable look and feel of your menu page(s)
  • Take out & delivery orders
  • Separate start & stop times for delivery & takeout
  • Separate start & stop times for each menu (lunch, dinner, etc)
  • Delivery fees based off of distance, order cost, or flat-rate
  • Menu items can have any number of customizations which can have their own cost
  • Your customers can give per-item and per-order special instructions
  • Customers can pay with cash or credit cards
  • And more!

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